Useful links to more information about technical art history

During our feedback session on the last day, some of you asked for more information about technical art history as a discipline, methodology, and practice.

Some definitions:
1. “Technical Art History is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of works of art that employs scientific and historical methods to explore the processes used by artists and considers how materials and techniques influenced creative practices through time.” (Thomas Primeau)
2. “Technical art history today concerns itself with all the processes for making art, and the technical and documentary means by which we throw light on those processes. It is principally concerned with the physical materials and structures of works of art, and how they are prepared, used, combined and manipulated…it charts the stages of invention, development, realization, elaboration and revision: in short it is a route into, and our access to the heart of the artist’s intentions and changing ambitions.” (David Bomford)

Useful information may be found at:

An entire Getty Newsletter was devoted to the topic:

A new journal has been started in the U.K. for technical art history:

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