More Photography Resources


Here are a few resources that might be helpful to explore.

Graphics Atlas is a project of the Image Permanence Institute. It’s an amazing resource for help in identifying photographic and photomechanical processes. The “guided tours” of images are a great way to be reminded of the various places to look for clues within a photograph.

The Photograph Information Record passed out in class today is available digitally here.

The George Eastman House has created a series of videos about individual photographic processes, showing clips of how they were done. These are nice overviews. A quick search on YouTube will bring up a wealth of videos demonstrating processes in detail. This one, for example, provides a great explanation of the wet collodion process.

The Northeast Document Conservation Center has a variety of free leaflets on various subjects relevant to this course, but definitely take a look at the photographs section with today’s session in mind.